Courtney has taught in classes as small as five people and as large as 450 people. When teaching, it is her goal to breath life into existing theories through examples. Case studies, popular press, and constructive feedback are common teaching tools she uses. Having students read a case or an article rather than a book chapter before the next class creates a curiosity gap needed for effective learning. In addition, she utilizes cooperative learning techniques when discussing the assigned cases in order to allow everyone, including introverts, to express their opinion.

Courses As An Instructor

MGT 450: Negotiations and Conflict Management

MGT 301: Business Management

Student Comments:

"The professor was very nice and I loved her! She was always very nice to talk to and actually cared for the students. You could tell she wanted to actually help us. I also liked how she has already said that if we need help in the future or have questions, we can always contact her."

"She was always well prepared and did a lot of behind–the–scenes work to make sure that these difficult to organize negotiations went off without a hitch. I appreciated her ability to organize and prepare."

"Very willing to help when needed. Spoke clearly and always treated us with respect."

"Her ability to answer questions and give real world examples, she was genuinely passionate about this and it reflected in her teaching."

"Professor Hart had positive energy each class which helped motivate the students."

"She was very prepared and experienced in the field of the course content."

"She has a lot of experience that she brought to the lecture."

Courses As A Teaching Assistant

MGT 301: Business Management

MGT 410: Analysis of Organizational Behavior

MGT 450: Negotiations and Conflict Management

MGT 612: Negotiations and Conflict Management (MBA)

MGT 690: Strategic Thinking & Analysis

LINKS Workshop for Social Network Analysis